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Church drama can be powerful. It can move people to laughter or tears – and it can transform lives.

That’s what we’re passionate about at God Powered Drama. We’re excited to see God use drama to change people’s lives. We offer a growing number of engaging, contemporary Christian drama scripts and other resources to help you incorporate powerful drama sketches and plays into your church services.

Previews are available with each script – so you’ll always have a good feel for the sketch or play before you purchase. Feel free to browse the scripts and read our blog posts. If you have any questions – or if there is any way we can help you – please let us know.

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Recent BLOG Posts

Three Tricks for Memorizing Lines

[VIDEO] Discover three tricks to help your actors memorize their lines – fast

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Handling Conflict in Your Drama Team

Got some extra “drama” going on with your Christian drama team? Here are some tips to handle conflict that any leader can use…

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Will Your Christian Drama Offend Someone?

Offenses will come. But how do you avoid ticking off your congregation with your Christian drama? Read this blog post to find out how I handled “the offense of the three-cup bra.”

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Surviving Church Drama Team Auditions

How to get through church drama team auditions without breaking too many hearts – or driving yourself crazy.

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How NOT to Start a Church Drama Team

You’ve got the actors. Your pastor is 100% behind you. So why is it so hard to get the drama ministry off the ground?

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